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Gut Health and Depression: What the Science Says

Welcome to Part One of our five part series on gut health. What is Gut Health? When we talk about the gut, we're talking about the combination of your stomach, your small and large intestines, and the trillions of microorganisms, collectively called the gut flora,...

No BS Tribe Member Interview: Barbara Kessler

Hi Ladies, My name is Barbara Kessler. I’m a mom of two grown daughters and Grandma to four beauties, ages 3-9. They are my fountain of youth and my heart! As deeply as I love my daughters, I never knew the kind of love being a grandmother would evoke from me. I’m so... exists to give women a ‘VIP Pass to Healthy Aging’ with longevity strategies based on real science, so they can maintain their mojo and feel just as strong, sexy and confident in the second half of their lives as they did in the first.

The intersection of women and aging has been a touchy, taboo, and, even terrifying subject. But I want to up-end that notion. - Anna Morrison, Co-Founder

Why we’re loved

In a largely youth-obsessed society, we’re here to shine a spotlight on the real beauty that accompanies aging. Our approach to wellness is holistic, realistic and always grounded in science. Through our honest supplement reviews, in-depth health articles, heartfelt wellness narratives, and personal nutrition & fitness coaching services, we’re building a reservoir of resources and a community of like-minded women, supporting one another in our journeys to becoming our healthiest and most vibrant selves at every age.

Paige Emenheiser

“Hi! I hope you don’t get tired of the praise for the work that you and Fernanda are doing in the No BS Tribe page…I’ve taken away more value from that than I have from anything else in a long, long time. I’d heard of CoQ10 before but never about it’s benefits. As someone with high blood pressure, I feel like this can’t hurt to incorporate. I just did my research on brands and placed an order. I’ve always respected the stuff coming out of your mouth, but I’m kind of blown away by this awesome resource. Thanks to both of you for the investment of time and energy to make it happen! “

Deena Brady

“Whether it’s about my health, nutrition, workouts, or just life, Anna helps me approach situations in a really positive way! After working with Anna, I learned to treat my body like its the only place I will ever have to live and to take care of myself first and foremost! Working with her has changed my whole perspective. I love learning from her! It’s been game-changing to have her feedback and direction with my nutrition and fitness. I am confident in my newfound habits and that this time the changes I am making in my body and my mind are lifelong.” 

Beth Boynton

“I really appreciate your educated and skeptical perspective…invites me to really listen!” 

Cassandra Santos

“When I started working out with Anna, I knew nothing about fitness. I never really worked out. Our workouts were always intense but she’s an amazing motivator. She helps you achieve things that you never thought were possible. I learned so much working out with her. I gained confidence and I toned up."

Natalie Hoover

“Over the course of a few months of working with Anna, I have become more toned, my diet is extremely clean, and overall, I find myself at my fitness peak. I cannot recommend Anna Morrison enough as a health and fitness coach, life motivator, and inspirational guide towards living a happier, cleaner, more meaningful life. She is a wonderful listener who truly understands and meets the needs of her clients. Her energy level is unmatched and infectious. And her heart, spirit, and passion for what she does show in every interaction with clients.”

Stacey Rudy

"Anna, I am loving the No BS are doing an amazing job!!"

Carolina Zuluaga

"Anna is an excellent health & fitness coach, mentor, and practitioner. Bring her a health outcome you are looking to achieve and there are no lengths she won't go to support and motivate you to reach that goal."

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